Russell Morris New Video for Dance With Me Now Russell Morris revisits his alter-ego Jack Chrome, in this follow up to the acclaimed album he penned with Rick Springfield in 2021 - Jack Chrome & The Darkness Waltz. The Dreams of Jack Chrome continues as Russell collaborates with long-time band member, Pete Robinson on the album. Along with eight stunning originals, Russell reimagines two immovable classics for the first time… Horse With No Name by America and Jumping’ Jack Flash of The Rolling Stones fame. "Jack Chrome has become my alter ego. I write the songs from his perspective (like an actor) taking on a different character and persona. The songs have an ethereal dream like quality; vacillating between psychedelia, and rootsy blues. I feel connected to him on a quantum level ...entangled particles." Russell Morris DANCE WITH ME NOW Written by Russell Morris Video Edited by Ambition Entertainment Pty Ltd & Pete Robinson, with thanks to RF footage by @cottonbro