JD Smith releases Debut Album

The Brilliant new studio album from JD Smith contains 7 original songs including the title track Soul Searchin  (co-written and produced by Australian music legend Rick Price) and 5 sensational covers including the special bonus track Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day.

With an indigenous background, JD singing has always been a natural instinct for JD; something he was born to do.

JD’s career extends to co-writing songs with some of Australia’s best songwriters & producers; Tania Doko (Bachelor Girl), Cameron McGlinchy (Rogue Traders), Sean Carey (Thirsty Merc), Bec Caruana (BJ Caruana) & touring and supporting acts such as The Whitlams, Pete Murray and Delta Goodrem. He has performed in stage musicals throughout Australia, including Wicked and Dirty Dancing and been a longtime member of the international vocal supergroup The Ten Tenors.


“It takes great self-belief, honesty, hard work and time to record and produce an album and I’ll be forever grateful to everyone who have supported me along the journey. When I started writing the original songs on this album it was right in the midst of lockdowns, border closures, no live concert or singing work, gig cancellations and the arrival of a new baby boy!” JD Smith.