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On 16 April 1975, a saucy hausfrau with a feather duster and a bare bottom stepped onto the stage of the Balmain Bijou and changed Australian theatre. Betty Blokk Buster Follies was the talk of the town. The one-man show was hailed by The National Times as "the greatest thing since Rice Bubbles" and its creator, Reg Livermore, became a star.

Relive the music and words from your favourite characters including, Betty Blokk-buster, a German maid who entertained the troops during the war; an old man who recalls his youth as a male model; and Vaseline Amyl Nitrate, a football star who joins the Australian ballet, to name a few.


  1. Cabaret - Tiller Girls
  2. Family Of Man
  3. Money
  4. Voice Of Experience
  5. Hello In There
  6. Captain Jack
  7. Last Cigarette
  8. Matrimony
  9. What Makes A Man A Man?
  10. Long Tall Glasses
  11. The Entertainer
  12. Is That All There Is
  13. Walk On The Wild Side
  14. Train
  15. Travelling Prayer
  16. Ticking
  17. Celluloid Heroes
  18. Silverbird
  19. The Show Must Go On
  20. S.O.L.O.

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