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“Reg wrote more than 500 songs; had 70 album releases; his individual voice was a National Treasure enjoyed by all on his National Radio Show; he received 4 Gold Logies; performed thousands of live shows all over Australia and in the U.S.

I have put together this unique selection of clips from Reg’s television shows, The National Country Music Hourfilmed in Adelaide and Country Homesteadfilmed in Brisbane. Along with clips done when we released the albums Country All The Way, The Last Thing At Nightand Things Have Been Coming Gooddone in the early 1990s. The montage of photos at the end of the DVD are a selection from Reg’s many years on television along with some of the talent he invited to perform on his TV shows.

The footage from those TV days was saved from being lost by a friend, who called Reg to tell him what was happening with the then 2 inch tapes. Reg said “GRAB THEM” and many years later, we have been able to deliver this wonderful collection of Reg Lindsay classics. Some of this footage is over 50 years old, with the wear and tear you would expect, however it does not take anything away from the original production. This project has been a long time coming to have Reg Lindsay and his shows on DVD format for his many fans to enjoy today.

I sure hope you all enjoy sitting back and taking a trip down memory lane of one of Australia’s Country Music superstars. Reg was a real trailblazer and trendsetter for many of the Country Music stars that followed.” Roslyn Lindsay



01 Introductonby Adam Harvey

02 Country Homestead Opening

03 Bad Whiskey Going Down

04 Invisible Tears

05 Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone

06 San Antonio Rose

07 Takin A Chance (Live At The Barn)

08 Armstrong (Live)

09 Country All The Way (Video)

10 Interview with Adam Harvey

11 Medley Johnny Chester & Reg Lindsay) Blue Blue Day, Jambalaya (On The Bayou), Oh LomesomeMe)

12 Sunny Side Of Life

13 Early Mornin’ Rain

14 Memories of Reg Lindsay

(Filmed October 2014) Jade Hurley

15 Silence On The Line

16 Things Have Been Coming Good

17 Today’s Like Yesterday (Video)

18 CMAA Tribute To Reg Lindsay

19 Truck Driving Man (Live)

20 Will The CirlceBe Unbroken (Live)

Reg Lindsay & Doug Ashdown

21 IfI’daKnown That I Was GonnaLive This Long

22 Takin’ A Chance

23 You’ve Got Everything You Want

24 Interview with Bert Newton

25 She Makes Love Feel Good To Me

26 Goat Roper


27 Reg Lindsay Rodeo Music Reunion

28 Tribute to Reg Lindsay • ‘Armstrong’

29 Empty Arms Hotel Mason Hope

30 Reg Lindsay, Smoky & Dot Dawson by Peter Ford

31 July You’re A Woman (Gallery)

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