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Highly-awarded composer and recording artist Margaret Brandman has achieved international recognition for her substantial body of works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, piano, solo voice, and choir that have been published, recorded, performed and broadcast world-wide. This album presents six finely-crafted works for violoncello and piano, inspired by her artistic collaboration with cellist Ariel Volovelsky.

“As you listen to this work you may hear various aspects connected to the landscape incorporated into the music. The work presents equally challenging roles for the two performers. The very first motif is a didjeridoo-like rhythmic figure played by the cello. After each statement of the motif on the cello, the piano responds with gentle chords suggesting the breeze blowing through the Beech trees. As you are transported on this musical journey through the ancient forest, the slow and delicate sections using ethereal sounds, may conjure up the ancient spirits, while in the bravura sections and lively sections with contemporary rhythms, you may imagine the sounds of the myriad of plant, bird and animal life in the forest area. Or you may prefer to just sit back to enjoy a purely musical and ear-tingling experience,” explains Margaret.


  1. Binna Burra Dreaming
  2. Four Castles Of Stone
  3. Ariel's Dream
  4. Universal Truth Remains
  5. Snow Gums In Silver Moonlight
  6. As Blue As Turquiose Pearls

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