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Marc Bolan left a phenomenal amount of recorded work, spanning his thirty-year career, confirming his energy, drive and ambition as a musician.

Over the last two decades unheard solo and T.Rex studio recordings have been made available, much of this material has increased our knowledge of bolan’s working methods, and in many cases, reveals aspects of his work not appreciated during his lifetime.

Indeed, as with other superstars of the time, the music of Marc Bolan was originally considered as, but also dismissed as transient contemporary popular music.

Today it has relevance and cultural value.


  1. The Groover
  2. Jitterbug Love
  3. Telegram Sam
  4. Metal Guru
  5. Thunderwing
  6. Rock On
  7. The Slider
  8. Baby Boomerang
  9. Main Man
  10. Sunken Rags
  11. Laser Love
  12. 20th Century Boy
  13. Children Of The Revolution

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