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Daniel O’Donnell, the Irish singing legend, releases a brand-new studio album of original material titled I WISH YOU WELL.

A mix of up-tempo songs and ballads, I WISH YOU WELL includes two Buble-esquetunes - Under A Spell of Loving You,written by Fergal Flaherty and Always There written especially for Daniel by Brendan Graham and Rolf Loevland who wrote You Raise Me Up.  The album also features two songs by P J Murrihy, who has written for Daniel in the past, and who penned I’m Grateful and Plains Of Old Kildare. Sean O’Farrell wrote If You Believe, and Once You Have Loved The Best and Patsy Cavanagh who wrote the title track I Wish You Well.

Daniel is the UK chart's most prolific and one of the most successful recording Artists.

In 2021, he broke his own world record, by becoming the first recording artist to chart at least one new album every year in the Artist Albums Chart for 34 consecutive years.

During his career, in the United Kingdom Daniel has amassed forty seven Top 75 albums, including nineteen Top 10 albums, with seventeen of them this Century, a feat not achieved by any other recording Artist.


1. I Wish You Well

2. Under A Spell Of Loving You

3. If You Believe

4. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

5. Always There

6. You Only Have One Mom And One Dad

7. Lovely Rathdowney

8. You’re All That I Need

9. I’ll Never Fill My Father’s Shoes

10. Ha’penny Hearts Of Gold

11. Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels

12. Once You’ve Loved The Best

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