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Buddy Knox is a funky blues man - armed with his 335 Gibson, a lifetime of guitar touring experiences, and a deep passion for the blues.

His new album, “Ticket To Memphis” is a raw autobiographical journey; featuring songs of his home, his family, his loves and betting the battles from within.

Buddy has been influenced by Freddie King, Albert King, Albert Collins, Robert Johnson, Delbert McLintonand BB King.

His amazing history means he is no stranger to performing with national and international touring experiences, as lead guitarist for many artists.

Buddy says his music and playing philosophy is about "feeling like a man 'bout to light a smoke at a petrol pump".

He has been described as Australia's answer to BB King. Be sure to discover the genius of Buddy Knox today.



1. Big City Mean Streets

2. Ticket To Memphis

3. Calling From The Outside

4. A Way Out Of No Way

5. Bungunya

6. Baby Girl

7. Message In Stone

8. GottaGet It Right With Her

(Buddy’s Slow Jam)

9. Second Chance

10. Table For Two

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