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One of Australia's most revered musical icons and regarded as a 'national treasure', Broderick Smith is one of a very select bunch of musicians who is instantly recognisable across Australia from the mention of just his first name.

Through his career he has earned a deep respect from his peers, audiences, and from within the music industry, for the originality and strength of his songs and performance.

He has worked with Cat Stevens, Jimmy Barnes, Steve Cropper, Buffy Saint Marie, The Memphis Horns, Phil Ochs, Tommy Emmanuel, Leo Sayer, Joe Cocker... the list goes on, and he frequently pulls together a six or eight piece band of great musicians from around Australia to create an absolutely world-class sound.



1. My Shiralee

2. A Perfect World

3. Stella Joy

4. Crystal

5. All I Saw Was Blue

6. Tonight A Star Was Born

7. No Sleep At The Cross

8. A Storm A'Coming

9. Tomorrow Wendy

10. Stealing From The Devil's Garden

11. Holy Duty

12. Beulah River

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