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Casey has been working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, commencing her on stage career in “Annie The Musical” at age 12, and then making her way onto television in the Channel 7 production of “Girl TV”. Her acting led into shows such as “Home and Away”, “Rake”, “Farscape” and the telemovie “Scorched”.
A grueling audition process, landed a television spot entertaining children worldwide and live on stage with international’s children group Hi-5. After for 5 years and gaining extensive recording and performing experience, Casey moved on from children’s shows and teamed up with a girl group THE DIAMONDS traveling and performing songs by women at numerous corporate events and on cruise ships around the world.
For the next few years Casey started a beauty and fashion blog focusing on health and lifestyle and has appeared in several TV commercials in both Australia and the USA. 
During this period Casey found a deeper passion for writing and combining this with her love of music, has led her to channel her life experiences into the body of work on “Space To Breathe”.
Casey’s music passion took her to Nashville. Two Nashville trips in 2018 and 2019, to collaborate and sharpen her writing skills with some of the city’s finest writers lead to the writing and recording sessions of her debut album which was completed late 2019. The album was produced by Nashville resident, guitarist Sam Hawksley and also features a songwriting and vocal track with legendary Australian musician Rick Price who also resides in Music City.

“I felt like I had so much to say about life, love and heartbreak and feel I have the strength to be open to other woman who have had the same experiences. I want to reach out to girls and women, and men for that matter, who are unsure of how to express their feelings. I want my words and experience to be that place of solace for them - like I have and do with my favourite artists”.
“I took a break and wanted to really focus and make my music the best I could working with some of the best - I can’t wait to share this body of work which I am very proud of.”


  1. A Little More Love
  2. Good For Me
  3. You Might Love Me
  4. Space To Breathe
  5. Unapologetically
  6. Maybe Its Better
  7. Lemon Tree
  8. Five Minute Fairytale
  9. Are You Kidding?
  10. Movin On
  11. Are You Coming With Me?
  12. You Might Love Me (Bonus Live Recording)

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